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What Makes No Drill Shotgun Slings Game-Changers?

Discover the secret to hassle-free shotgun handling! Explore our innovative no drill shotgun sling solution that promises ultimate comfort and control.

James Foster
James Foster
Jan 16, 20242 Shares44 Views
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  1. Why Choose A No Drill Shotgun Sling?
  2. Selecting The Perfect No Drill Shotgun Sling
  3. No Drill Vs Traditional Shotgun Slings
  4. Step-by-Step - Attaching A No Drill Shotgun Sling
  5. Maintaining Your No Drill Shotgun Sling
  6. Top 5 No Drill Shotgun Slings For Hunters
  7. How A No Drill Sling Improved My Hunting Experience?
What Makes No Drill Shotgun Slings Game-Changers?

Introducing theNo Drill Shotgun Sling, a game-changer in firearm accessories that seamlessly combines innovation with convenience. Say goodbye to the hassle of drilling into your prized shotgun, as this revolutionary sling eliminates the need for any modifications, preserving the integrity of your firearm. Designed for quick and easy installation, this sling provides a secure and comfortable way to carry your shotgun, ensuring rapid access when you need it the most.

Why Choose A No Drill Shotgun Sling?

Shotgun slings are essential for comfortable and convenient carrying, but traditional options often require drilling into your beloved firearm. Fear not, shotgun enthusiasts, for a game-changing innovation has arrived:the no-drill sling!

Here's why you should ditch the drill and embrace the freedom of a No-drill Sling:

1. Effortless Installation

Unlike traditional slings, no-drill versions skip the intimidating step of drilling holes. They utilize clever attachment points that loop around your shotgun's existing features, like the barrel and stock. Think quick snaps, secure straps, or ingenious loop systems – all ready to go in minutes, without breaking a sweat or risking any permanent modifications.

2. Untouched Beauty

Drilling leaves permanent scars on your shotgun, diminishing its value and aesthetic appeal. No-drill slings preserve the pristine beauty of your firearm, keeping it collector-worthy or simply maintaining its resale value.

3. Ultimate Versatility

Many no-drill slings boast universal compatibility, working with different shotgun models and configurations. This makes them perfect for a diverse shotgun collection or for sharing between family members. Some even offer adjustable lengths and swivel connections for personalized comfort and carrying styles.

4. Peace Of Mind For Beginners

New shotgun owners can be hesitant to modify their prized possession. No-drill slings offer a stress-free entry point, allowing them to experience the benefits of a sling without risking permanent alterations.

5. Temporary Needs, Permanent Solution

Perhaps you only need a sling for occasional hunting trips or competitions. No-drill slings let you enjoy the convenience without committing to a permanent change. Simply remove it when it's no longer needed.

Selecting The Perfect No Drill Shotgun Sling

No drill shotgun sling
No drill shotgun sling

No-drill shotgun slings have revolutionized how we carry our favorite shotguns, offering convenience and protection without permanent modifications. But with so many options available, selecting the perfect one can feel like navigating a maze. Worry not, fellow shotgun enthusiasts, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to choose the sling that flawlessly complements your needs and shooting style.

1. Material Matters

  • Nylon -A popular choice for its affordability, durability, and weather resistance. Nylon slings are lightweight and quick-drying, making them ideal for hunting and outdoor activities.
  • Leather -Oozes classic style and offers superior comfort, especially for heavier shotguns. Leather is more susceptible to moisture and requires occasional maintenance, but it ages beautifully and develops a unique patina over time.
  • Neoprene -Offers exceptional padding for maximum comfort during extended carrying. Neoprene is also water-resistant and provides good grip, making it a great choice for wet environments or active shooting.

2. Comfort Is Key

  • Padding -Look for slings with ample padding, especially around the shoulder and neck areas, to prevent digging and fatigue during long treks or shooting sessions.
  • Width -Wider slings distribute weight more evenly, reducing pressure points and enhancing comfort.
  • Adjustability -Choose a sling with adjustable straps to customize the fit for optimal comfort and carrying position.

3. Built To Last

  • Stitching -Opt for slings with reinforced stitching at stress points to ensure they can handle the weight and recoil of your shotgun.
  • Hardware -Metal swivels and buckles are sturdier than plastic alternatives and less prone to breakage.
  • Attachment points -Check if the sling's attachment points are secure and compatible with your shotgun's existing features.

4. Feature Focus

  • Hunting -Look for slings with integrated shell loops or pockets for easy access to ammunition. Camouflage patterns can also blend in with your surroundings.
  • Sports Shooting -Opt for slings with quick-detach mechanisms for fast transitions between shooting positions. Consider slings with swivels for added freedom of movement.

5. Bonus Points

  • Color and Style -Choose a sling that matches your taste and complements your shotgun's aesthetics.
  • Additional Features -Some slings offer built-in recoil pads, hydration sleeves, or even first-aid kits. Choose features that suit your specific needs and preferences.

No Drill Vs Traditional Shotgun Slings

Shotgun slings are essential companions for hunters, clay pigeon enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the ease of carrying their firearm. But two distinct camps divide the shotgun sling world: the no-drill and the traditional. Choosing between them boils down to individual needs and preferences, so let's dissect their differences to help you make an informed decision.

Installation Ease

No-drill -As the name suggests, these slings require no permanent modifications to your shotgun. They utilize clever attachment points, loops, straps, or snap-on systems, that work with existing features like the barrel and stock. Installation is quick and effortless, often taking just minutes.

Traditional -Traditional slings necessitate drilling holes into your shotgun to install swivel studs. This process is permanent and potentially risky, requiring drilling precision and potentially diminishing the firearm's value.

Potential Damage

No-drill -By eliminating drilling, no-drill slings leave your shotgun untouched and pristine. This preserves its collector value, resale potential, and overall beauty.

Traditional -Driling into your shotgun leaves permanent scars andmodifications, reducing its original condition and potentially impacting its value.


No-drill -Many no-drill slings boast universal compatibility, working with various shotgun models and configurations. This makes them ideal for diverse collections or sharing among family members.

Traditional -Traditional slings may require specific swivel stud placements, limiting their compatibility with different shotguns. Finding replacements for your specific firearm can be a challenge.

Overall Convenience

No-drill -No-drill slings offer stress-free convenience. Quick installation, no permanent changes, and the ability to swap them easily between shotguns make them ideal for beginners and occasional users.

Traditional -While offering a secure connection, traditional slings require more effort and planning. Drilling is irreversible, and switching slings might require purchasing new ones with compatible stud placements.

Step-by-Step - Attaching A No Drill Shotgun Sling

No-drill shotgun slings offer convenient carrying without permanent modifications. But navigating different attachment points can be confusing. This guide will walk you through attaching a no-drill slingto various shotgun types, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

General Tips

  • Unloaded and Uncocked - Always ensure your shotgun is unloaded and uncocked before working on it.
  • Read the Instructions -Each sling may have specific attachment points, so consult the instruction manual for details.
  • Identify Attachment Points -Locate the sling's attachment points and corresponding points on your shotgun. Common locations include:
  • Barrel Magazine Tube -Some slings loop around the magazine tube near the forend.
  • Stock Loops -Many shotguns have sling loops near the stock's heel or toe.
  • Receiver Slots -Certain slings utilize built-in slots on the receiver.
  • Tighten Securely -Ensure all straps and connections are securely tightened and free of movement.

Specific Shotgun Types

1. Pump-Action Shotgun

Stock Loop

  • Thread the sling through the stock loop located near the toe or heel.
  • If the sling has a snap clip, attach it securely to the loop's metal D-ring.
  • If the sling has adjustable straps, adjust them for a comfortable carrying position.

Magazine Tube Loop

  • Slide the sling's loop around the magazine tube near the forend.
  • If the loop has two straps, feed one under the tube and thread it through the loop, forming a secure cinch.
  • Tighten both straps evenly.

2. Semiautomatic Shotgun

Stock Loop

Follow steps 2 and 3 from the pump-action section above.

Receiver Slot

  • Some slings have a metal plate that fits into built-in slots on the receiver.
  • Slide the plate into the slot until it clicks securely into place.
  • This method offers a very stable connection.

3. Over-Under Shotgun

Stock Loop

Follow steps 2 and 3 from the pump-action section above.

Barrel Loop

  • Some slings have loops designed to slide over the top barrel near the receiver.
  • Secure the loop with straps or buckles provided.

Additional Tips

  • Check for potential rubbing points between the sling and your shotgun. Adjust the sling or add padding if necessary.
  • Test the sling for security by gently tugging on it in different directions.
  • Practice carrying your shotgun with the sling to ensure a comfortable fit and proper balance.

Maintaining Your No Drill Shotgun Sling

No drill shotgun sling
No drill shotgun sling

So you've embraced the ease and versatility of a no-drill shotgun sling. Now, how do you ensure it faithfully serves you for years to come? Worry not, fellow adventurer, for these maintenance tips will keep your sling in tip-top condition!


  • Regular Wipe Down -After each outing, especially in wet or dusty environments, wipe down your sling with a damp cloth. This removes surface dirt and prevents build-up.
  • Deep Cleaning -Occasionally, give your sling a deeper clean. Depending on the material.
  • Nylon -Wash it in warm water with mild detergent and hang to air dry. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach.
  • Leather -Use a leather cleaner and conditioner specifically designed for firearms. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and avoid soaking the leather.
  • Neoprene -Hand wash with lukewarm water and gentle soap. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Hanging is Key -Store your sling hanging, ideally in a cool, dry place. This prevents creases and pressure points that can weaken the material.
  • Avoid Extremes -Don't expose your sling to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods. This can dry out the material and cause cracking.
  • Separate with Care -Avoid storing your sling with sharp objects or other firearms, as they can cause scratches or tears.

Regular Checks

  • Inspect Regularly -Before each outing, give your sling a thorough inspection. Look for any signs of wear or tear, such as fraying, loose stitching, or broken hardware.
  • Replace Promptly -Don't hesitate to replace any worn or damaged parts. A small issue left unchecked can lead to bigger problems down the line.
  • Follow Manufacturer's Recommendations -Some slings have specific care instructions, so consult the manufacturer's manual or website for details.

Bonus Tips

  • Condition Leather Slings Regularly -This keeps them supple and prevents cracking.
  • Air Dry Always -Avoid artificial heat sources like dryers, as they can damage the material.
  • Store with Buckles Undone -This reduces pressure on the buckles and stitching.

Top 5 No Drill Shotgun Slings For Hunters

Here's our ranking of the top 5 no-drill shotgun slings for hunters, focusing on features crucial for a successful hunt.

1. Viking Tactics VTAC Universal No Drill Sling

  • Comfort -Padded with breathable neoprene and featuring a wide shoulder strap, it minimizes fatigue during long treks.
  • Durability -Constructed from high-strength nylon and reinforced stitching, it withstands harsh hunting conditions.
  • Adjustability -Quick-detach buckles and one-handed strap adjustment allow for rapid transitions and personalized comfort.
  • Hunting-Specific Features -Swivels for smooth weapon movement, shell loops for easy access, and optional camo patterns for blending in.

2. Savior Equipment Neoprene No-Drill Shotgun Sling

  • Comfort -Thick neoprene padding hugs your shoulder and distributes weight evenly for extended comfort.
  • Weather Resistance -Neoprene repels moisture and dries quickly, making it ideal for wet hunting environments.
  • Stability -Anti-slip rubber patches on the shoulder strap keep the sling secure even during vigorous movement.
  • Hunting-Specific Features -Detachable shell pouches and swivels for improved maneuverability.

3. Allen Company Endura Padded No-Drill Sling

  • Affordability -A budget-friendly option with features exceeding its price point.
  • Comfort -Thick padding and wide shoulder strap ensure comfort during long hunts.
  • Ease of Use -Simple slip-on design with adjustable loops is perfect for quick attachment and adjustments.
  • Hunting-Specific Features -Optional camo patterns and swivels for smooth weapon transitions.

4. EZ GunsSling Universal Non-Swivel Gun Sling

  • Versatility -Fits various long guns, making it ideal for hunters with diverse firearms.
  • Durability -Heavy-duty nylon construction and reinforced stitching resist wear and tear.
  • Ease of Use -Slip-on design and adjustable length make for quick and hassle-free adjustments in the field.
  • Hunting-Specific Features -Ambidextrous design and optional camo patterns cater to a wide range of users.

5. HUNTPAL Two Point Non-Swivel Shotgun Sling

  • Silence -Neoprene construction keeps the sling quiet, preventing spooking game.
  • Stability -Non-swivel design minimizes weapon sway for improved aiming and tracking.
  • Value -Affordable option with features like thumbhole grip and neoprene padding for good comfort and control.
  • Hunting-Specific Features -Shell loops for easy access and optional camo patterns for increased concealment.

How A No Drill Sling Improved My Hunting Experience?

Hunting is a passion, but it can also be a test of patience and comfort. Lugging your shotgun through dense woodlands while balancing awkward carrying positions? Yeah, not exactly the recipe for zen focus. That's where my trusty old hunting buddy used to leave me feeling more like a pack mule than a predator. But everything changed the day I embraced the revolution: the no-drill shotgun sling.

Before,my hunting trips were plagued by discomfort and inconvenience. The traditional strap used to dig into my neck, leaving me with a throbbing reminder of every uphill trek. Adjusting it on the fly was a frustrating circus act, requiring me to stop, unbuckle, fiddle, and repeat – precious seconds wasted that could have meant the difference between success and an empty bag.

Enter the no-drill sling. Installation was a breeze – no drilling, no gunsmith fees, just simple loops and snaps that transformed my trusty shotgun into a comfortable extension of myself. The wide padding on the shoulder strap cradled my arm like a velvet glove, distributing the weight evenly and banishing fatigue for good. Adjustments were smooth and silent, a quick one-handed operation that kept me focused on the hunt, not my aching shoulder.

The benefits went beyond just comfort. The no-drill sling's lightweight design freed my movements, allowing me to navigate the undergrowth with newfound agility. It was whisper-quiet,no longer clanging against my firearm and scaring off skittish prey. And even in the harshest downpours, the weather-resistant material kept the sling comfortable and functional, unlike my old leather strap that used to turn into a soggy mess.

But the biggest transformation was mental. The ease and adaptability of the no-drill sling gave me a surge of confidence. I felt more mobile, more prepared, more like a master of my environment. It allowed me to focus on the thrill of the hunt, the anticipation of the next encounter, instead of battling with my equipment.

Now, I wouldn't dream of heading into the field without my no-drill sling. It's become more than just an accessory; it's a vital part of my hunting experience. It's the silent partner that helps me stalk through the woods, shoulder the recoil with ease, and ultimately, return home with more than just stories – a testament to the power of a little innovation to transform frustration into fieldmaster-worthy experiences.e

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