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How To Choose & Install The Right Gun Holster For Truck?

Discover the ultimate solution for secure firearm storage on-the-go with our premium gun holster for truck. Keep your firearms safe, accessible, and discreet while traveling.

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James Foster
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  1. Types Of Gun Holsters For Trucks
  2. Examples Of Gun Holsters For Truck
  3. How To Choose The Right Gun Holster For Your Truck
  4. Installation Guide For Truck Gun Holsters
  5. Legal Considerations And Compliance
  6. Safety Tips For Using Gun Holsters In Trucks
  7. Product Reviews And Recommendations
How To Choose & Install The Right Gun Holster For Truck?

In today's world, where safety and preparedness are paramount, having a reliable gun holster for truckisn't just a convenience – it's a necessity. Picture this, you're on a remote road, far from any form of immediate assistance, and the unforeseen occurs. Having a properly secured gun within arm's reach could mean the difference between vulnerability and empowerment in such moments.

Our selection of premium truck gun holsters isn't just about convenience; it's about ensuring your peace of mind wherever your travels take you. Designed with durability and accessibility in mind, these holsters provide a secure and discreet means of storing firearms while on the move. From rugged terrains to urban landscapes, our holsters are engineered to withstand various environments, offering a reliable solution for keeping your firearms within reach yet safeguarded.

Types Of Gun Holsters For Trucks

Carrying a firearm in your truck requires responsible storage for quick access and secure concealment. Thankfully, various gun holster options cater to different preferences and needs. Here's a breakdown of the main types:

1. Under-Seat Holsters

  • Materials -Kydex, leather, nylon are common.
  • Types -Paddle holsters, drawer holsters, bolt-on mounts.
  • Uses -Discreet carry, quick access while seated, suitable for compact pistols.
  • Pros -Out of sight, easy mounting, convenient access.
  • Cons -Limited gun types, requires specific seat configuration, less secure than some options.

2. Console Holsters

  • Materials -Similar to under-seat options.
  • Types -Insert holsters, cup holder mounts, custom console organizers.
  • Uses -Convenient access from driver's seat, versatile for different gun sizes.
  • Pros -Within reach, keeps gun secure, various mounting options.
  • Cons -May take up console space, visibility issue for passengers, might require modification.

3. Door-Panel Holsters

  • Materials -Leather, nylon, custom molds often used.
  • Types -Pocket holsters, magnetic mounts, custom-built panels.
  • Uses -Quick access while entering/exiting, discrete carry on driver's side.
  • Pros -Easy draw, unobtrusive, secure with strong magnets or custom builds.
  • Cons -Limited to driver's side, potential visibility issue, custom options can be expensive.

4. Overhead Gun Racks

  • Materials -Metal, vinyl, padded fabric.
  • Types -Hanging holsters, magnetic racks, overhead consoles with holsters.
  • Uses -Storing multiple guns, keeping firearms out of reach from passengers.
  • Pros -Secure storage, frees up space, good for long guns.
  • Cons -Not readily accessible while driving, visibility can be distracting, some models require drilling.

5. Magnetic Holsters

  • Materials -Strong magnets attached to Kydex or nylon holsters.
  • Types -Universal mounts for flat surfaces, specific mounts for toolboxes or dashboards.
  • Uses -Versatile mounting, quick access, suitable for various truck models.
  • Pros -Easy placement, convenient draw, no permanent installation.
  • Cons -Requires compatible metal surface, less secure than bolted options, potential for gun movement.

6. Custom-Built Holsters

  • Materials -Leather, Kydex, molded plastics, often with custom options.
  • Types -Built-in console compartments, molded door panel holsters, personalized under-seat drawers.
  • Uses -Ideal for specific needs and truck configurations, maximum security and convenience.
  • Pros -Perfect fit, secure storage, discreet and customized design.
  • Cons -Can be expensive, require professional installation, limited availability.

Examples Of Gun Holsters For Truck

1. Alien Gear ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster

Alien Gear ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster
Alien Gear ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster

Alien gear shapeshift driver defense holster

Security and Retention

  • Strong Straps:Six straps made from durable nylon webbing securely fasten the holster to your car seat.
  • Anti-Slip Design:Textured surfaces and backstops prevent holster movement and slippage.

Comfort and Accessibility

  • Ventilated Backing -Perforated neoprene pad offers breathability and reduces sweat.
  • Spring Steel Core -Provides rigidity and comfort, adapting to your body's movements.
  • Adjustable Cant and Ride Height -Tailor the holster position for optimal comfort and draw access.
  • Multiple Carry Options -Compatible with ShapeShift holsters for IWB, OWB, paddle, and more.
  • Quick Draw -Access your firearm in seconds with an intuitive draw motion.

Versatility and Adaptability

  • ShapeShift System -Transfer the holster shell to other ShapeShift platforms for versatile carry options.
  • Car Mount Compatibility -Compatible with the ShapeShift Car Holster Mount for secure vehicle mounting.
  • Multiple Sizes and Colors -Choose from various sizes and holster colors to best suit your needs and style.

2. Alien Gear Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount

Alien Gear Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount
Alien Gear Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount

Alien gear cloack dock OWB holster mount

Universal Surface Mounting

  • Multiple Materials -Attach to wood, drywall, car interiors, desks, tables, and even bedsides.
  • Hardware Included -Comes with all necessary screws, anchors, and drill bit for easy installation.
  • Two Mounting Positions -Mount with paddle side out for quick draw or shell side out for secure storage.

Enhanced Convenience and Accessibility

  • Effortless Docking -Securely click your Cloak Mod OWB holster into the dock with a single motion.
  • Fast Draw -Detach your holster instantly when needed, maintaining situational awareness.
  • Keeps Holster Accessible -No more rummaging in drawers or bags for your firearm.

Customization and Versatility

  • Adjustable Depth -Position your holster at the ideal depth for comfortable draw and reholstering.
  • Multiple Color Options -Choose from black, tan, or FDE to match your existing gear and décor.
  • Portable Security -Easily detach and relocate the dock to different locations as needed.

3. Stinger Gun Magnet

Stinger Gun Magnet
Stinger Gun Magnet

The Stinger Gun Magnet offers innovative firearm storage solutions through powerful neodymium magnets and versatile design. Here are its key features:

Superior Security and Retention

  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets -Capable of holding up to 15 lbs, securely suspending your firearm even on bumpy surfaces.
  • Trigger Guard Protection -Integrated design prevents accidental discharge.
  • Rubber Lining:Protects your firearm's finish from scratches.

Convenient Accessibility and Placement

  • Modular Design -Multiple mounting options for walls, under beds, cars, and more.
  • Quick Draw -Instant access to your firearm through a simple pull.
  • Space-Saving Solution -Keeps your firearm off the floor and out of sight.

Versatile Adaptability and Customization

  • Multiple Sizes -Compatible with a wide range of handguns and pistol sizes.
  • Various Color Options -Match your décor or personal preference.
  • No Drilling Required -Some models offer adhesive or hook-and-loop mounting for easy installation.

Choosing The Right Holster

Consider these factors

  • Gun type and size -Ensure the holster fits your firearm securely.
  • Access and speed -Choose a location that allows for quick draw when needed.
  • Security and concealment -Prioritize holsters that keep your gun safe and hidden.
  • Truck model and compatibility -Match the holster to your truck's interior and mounting options.
  • Budget and preferences -Select an option that fits your budget and comfort level.

How To Choose The Right Gun Holster For Your Truck

Choosing the right gun holster for your truck is crucial for safety, security, and quick access. It's not a one-size-fits-all situation, as several factors come into play. Here's a breakdown of what you need to consider:

1. Truck Size And Model

  • Large trucks -Offer more mounting options like under-seat drawers, overhead racks, and custom console compartments.
  • Mid-size and compact trucks -Have limited space, so console holsters, door-panel pockets, and magnetic mounts might be better choices.
  • Consider seat configuration -Bucket seats work well with under-seat holsters, while bench seats might favor console or door-panel options.

2. Type Of Firearm

  • Pistols -Most holsters cater to them, but ensure the size and model fit snugly and securely.
  • Revolvers -Similar to pistols, but some holsters might require specific designs for the cylinder.
  • Long guns (shotguns, rifles) -Overhead racks or custom-built compartments offer secure storage.

3. Accessibility And Security

  • Quick draw -Console holsters and door-panel pockets provide easy access when seated or entering/exiting.
  • Discretion -Under-seat or overhead options keep your firearm hidden from view.
  • Security -Look for holsters with strong retention mechanisms, like trigger guards or locking features.
  • Consider your driving habits -If you frequently leave your truck unattended, prioritize secure holsters bolted or permanently mounted.

Installation Guide For Truck Gun Holsters

Choosing the right holster is crucial, but proper installation ensures secure and accessible storage for your firearm. This guide explores common truck holster types and walks you through their installation process. Remember, consult the holster's specific instructions for any variations.

1. Under-Seat Holsters

These offer discreet storage but require specific seat configurations. Here's how to install most models

A. Paddle Holsters

  • Locate mounting points -Identify pre-drilled holes under your seat or use a template provided by the holster manufacturer.
  • Secure holster -Align the paddle with the holes and screw it in using the provided bolts or nuts.
  • Test fit and adjust -Place your firearm in the holster, checking for a snug and secure fit. Adjust the cant (angle) if needed using the holster's adjustment screws.

B. Drawer Holsters

  • Remove seat panels -Consult your truck's manual for instructions on removing seat panels to access the under-seat area.
  • Mount drawer base -Slide the drawer base into the designated rails or screw it onto the under-seat frame using provided hardware.
  • Attach holster to drawer -Place the holster onto the drawer platform and secure it with screws or Velcro straps.
  • Reinstall seat panels -Put the panels back in place and ensure everything functions properly.

2. Console Holsters

These provide convenient access from the driver's seat. Installation methods vary depending on the type

A. Insert Holsters

  • Open console compartment -Locate the designated holster slot within your console.
  • Insert holster -Slide the holster into the slot until it clicks into place or secures snugly.
  • Test fit and adjust -Place your firearm in the holster, checking for a secure fit and adjusting the cant if needed.

B. Cup Holder Mounts

  • Remove cup holder -Unscrew or twist the existing cup holder from its designated spot.
  • Attach holster mount -Screw the holster mount onto the cup holder base using the provided hardware.
  • Attach holster to mount -Secure the holster onto the mount using screws or a locking mechanism.
  • Test fit and adjust -Place your firearm in the holster, checking for a secure fit and adjusting the cant if needed.

3. Door-Panel Holsters

These offer quick access when entering/exiting. Installation might require modification or professional help

A. Pocket Holsters

  • Locate existing pocket -Find a suitable pocket or pouch on the driver's side door panel.
  • Insert holster -Place the pocket holster inside the existing pocket and adjust its position for easy access.
  • Secure holster (optional) -Depending on the holster and pocket, you might need to add Velcro strips or adhesive tape for extra security.

B. Magnetic Mounts

  • Clean mounting surface -Choose a flat, metal surface on the door panel (avoid areas with airbags or wiring).
  • Attach magnetic base -Mount the magnetic base onto the chosen surface using adhesive tape or screws provided by the holster manufacturer.
  • Attach holster to base -Secure the holster onto the magnetic base with its built-in magnets.
  • Test fit and adjust -Place your firearm in the holster, checking for a secure hold and adjusting the position if needed.

Carrying a firearm in your truck involves more than just choosing the right holster. You must navigate a complex web of legal considerations to ensure you're operating within the boundaries of the law. Here's a breakdown of relevant federal and state regulations to keep in mind:

Federal Laws

  • Gun Control Act (GCA) -Prohibits interstate transport of firearms unless unloaded and locked in a separate container from ammunition.
  • National Firearms Act (NFA) -Regulates certain firearms like short-barreled rifles and shotguns, requiring additional permits and registrations.
  • Lautenberg Amendments -Prohibits gun possession by individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors.

State Laws

  • Concealed Carry Permits (CCPs) -Vary widely between states. Some require permits for concealed carry, while others have open carry laws. Non-residents often need to check reciprocity agreements for carrying privileges in other states.
  • Firearm Storage Laws -Some states mandate specific storage methods for firearms in vehicles, like unloaded and in a locked container out of reach from the driver's compartment.
  • Hunting and Recreational Laws -Certain areas might have restricted access for firearms during hunting seasons or in recreational areas.
  • State-Specific Prohibitions -Certain states have stricter regulations than federal laws, like bans on specific types of ammunition or magazines.

Importance Of Understanding And Adhering To Laws

  • Violation of any law can result in serious consequences, including arrest, fines, and even imprisonment.
  • Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. It's your responsibility to research and understand the regulations in your state and any states you might travel through.
  • Staying informed -Laws can change and evolve. Regularly check for updates and consult reliable sources like official government websites or legal professionals.

Safety Tips For Using Gun Holsters In Trucks

Carrying a firearm in your truck requires responsible behavior and prioritizing safety at every step. Here are some crucial tips for holster use, storage, and handling to ensure a secure and safe experience:

1. Safe Gun Handling Practices

  • Always treat your firearm as loaded, even if it isn't.
  • Never point your gun at anything you're not willing to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot.
  • Know your target and what's beyond it.
  • Unload your firearm when not in use and store it securely.

2. Keep Firearms Out Of Reach

  • Never leave your gun unattended in your truck.Lock it in a secure compartment or toolbox when not in use.
  • Be mindful of passengers, especially children.Keep your gun holstered and secure, or store it in a locked location inaccessible to others.
  • Avoid leaving your firearm in plain sight.This can attract unwanted attention and tempt theft.

3. Secure Your Gun While Driving

  • Choose a holster that securely retains your firearm, even during bumps and jolts. Avoid holsters with weak retention mechanisms.
  • Double-check that your gun is properly holstered before driving.A loose firearm can become dislodged and pose a danger.
  • Consider an additional level of security, like a cable lock or trigger guard, for added peace of mind.

4. Additional Safety Tips

  • Practice drawing your firearm from the holster in a safe and controlled environment.This will ensure smooth and efficient access in case of an emergency.
  • Regularly inspect your holster for wear and tear, and replace it if necessary.A damaged holster can compromise firearm security.
  • Stay informed about local gun laws and regulations. Laws can change, so keep yourself updated to avoid unintentional violations.

Product Reviews And Recommendations

Choosing the right holster for your truck depends on various factors like budget, firearm type, driving habits, and preferred accessibility. Here's a review of some popular options across different price points:


  • Alien Gear ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster
  • Features -Ambidextrous, adjustable cant, multiple mounting options (console, door panels), comfortable padding.
  • Pros -Versatile, secure retention, customizable fit, comfortable wear.
  • Cons -Expensive, requires installation for some mounting options.


  • Stinger Gun Magnet
  • Features -Powerful magnet mount, quick draw, fits various vehicle surfaces.
  • Pros -Easy to install, no permanent modification, affordable.
  • Cons -Not as secure as bolted options, potential for gun movement.
  • Recommendation -Excellent for budget-conscious users who prioritize quick access and easy installation.
  • Keeper Gun Mount
  • Features -Flexible mount fits various handguns, universal mounting options (dash, console, seat rails).
  • Pros -Versatile, secure locking mechanism, easy installation.
  • Cons -Can be bulky, visible mount might attract attention.
  • Recommendation -Ideal for secure storage and multi-vehicle use.


  • Tac-Mag Gun Magnet
  • Features -Strong magnet, ambidextrous, affordable.
  • Pros -Easy to use, inexpensive, universal fit.
  • Cons -Less secure than some options, limited mounting options.
  • Recommendation -Perfect for occasional users on a tight budget.
  • Universal Vehicle -Mount Car Truck Gun Pistol Conceal Holster
  • Features -Adjustable straps, ambidextrous, includes spare magazine pouch.
  • Pros -Budget-friendly, universal fit, concealed carry option.
  • Cons -Less secure than higher-end models, requires adjustment for proper fit.
  • Recommendation -Good for light concealed carry in trucks.

Additional Factors To Consider

  • Firearm type -Choose a holster specifically designed for your gun size and model.
  • Truck model and interior -Select a holster compatible with your truck's specific features and mounting options.
  • Security needs -Prioritize secure holsters with locking mechanisms or strong retention if theft is a concern.
  • Personal preferences -Choose a holster that fits your comfort level and preferred access speed.

It's crucial to research and choose a holster that complies with all relevant legal regulations in your area.

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