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Are Bino Harnesses With Pistol Holsters Worth It?

Discover Are Bino Harnesses with Pistol Holsters Worth It?! Explore our innovative bino harness with an integrated pistol holster. Secure, convenient, and designed for the modern adventurer.

James Foster
James Foster
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  1. What Is A Bino Harness With Pistol Holster?
  2. Benefits Of Using A Bino Harness With Pistol Holster
  3. Different Types Of Bino Harnesses With Pistol Holsters
  4. How To Choose The Right Bino Harness With Pistol Holster
  5. Safety Considerations And Legal Compliance
  6. Where To Buy And What To Expect In Terms Of Pricing
Are Bino Harnesses With Pistol Holsters Worth It?

`AreBino Harnesses With Pistol HolstersWorth It? Binocular bliss or concealed carry catastrophe? Before you strap on a bino harness with a built-in pistol holster, consider this, it's a marriage of convenience and controversy, promising mountain vistas and quick draws in equal measure. But is it worth the potential safety risks and awkward acrobatics? Buckle up, adventure seeker, for a deep dive into the pros and cons of this wilderness wonder.

What Is A Bino Harness With Pistol Holster?

A bino harness with pistol holsteris a specialized piece of gear designed for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and outdoor professionals who need to carry both binoculars and a handgun readily accessible and comfortably.

It combines the functionality of a binocular harness, which distributes the weight of binoculars evenly across your shoulders and chest, with a dedicated holster for secure and quick draw access to your pistol. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Binocular Harness

  • Comfortable shoulder straps and padding -Distribute the weight of binoculars evenly, reducing neck strain and fatigue, especially during extended use.
  • Chest straps and buckles -Provide stability and prevent bouncing while moving.
  • Binocular case/holster -Securely holds your binoculars in place, often with quick-release mechanisms for easy access. Some can be swivel-mounted for convenient viewing from different angles.

Pistol Holster

  • Integrated or modular attachment -Some harnesses have a built-in holster, while others allow you to attach a compatible holster through various methods like straps, buckles, or MOLLE webbing.
  • Retention system -Securely holds your pistol in place but allows for quick and smooth draw. Common options include thumb breaks, friction holsters, or Kydex shells.
  • Holster position -Varies depending on the design, but common locations include the dominant side hip, opposite side hip, or chest.


  • Seamless design -The binocular harness and pistol holster should blend seamlessly, offering good balance and freedom of movement without interfering with each other.
  • Adjustable configurations -Many harnesses allow you to adjust the position of the binocular case and pistol holster to fit your personal preferences and activities.
  • Durability and weather resistance -Made from tough materials like nylon, canvas, or neoprene to withstand outdoor conditions and protect your binoculars and pistol.

Benefits Of Using A Bino Harness With Pistol Holster

Here are some benifits of using harness with pistol holster:

1. Ease Of Access

  • Binoculars - Quick deployment with dedicated holsters or quick-release mechanisms, no fumbling in your backpack.
  • Pistol -Smooth and fast draw from a secure holster compared to traditional hip or shoulder holsters. This can be crucial in time-sensitive situations.
  • Other gear -Many harnesses have pockets or pouches for rangefinders, calls, ammo, or other essential items, keeping them readily accessible within your reach.

2. Improved Comfort

  • Weight distribution -Binoculars evenly distributed across shoulders and chest, reducing neck strain and fatigue, especially on long outings.
  • Reduced bouncing -Chest straps stabilize both binoculars and pistol holster, preventing annoying jostling while moving.
  • Adjustable fit -Most harnesses can be customized for optimal comfort and balance based on your body type and gear weight.

3. Enhanced Safety Features

  • Holster retention -Securely holds your pistol, minimizing the risk of accidental loss or dropping.
  • Improved situational awareness -Having both binoculars and pistol readily accessible allows you to scan your surroundings and react quickly to potential threats.
  • Hands-free mobility - Carrying binoculars and pistol on your body frees your hands for other tasks like climbing, navigating, or using trekking poles.

Additional Benefits

  • Professional appearance -Dedicated gear looks organized and ready-to-go, ideal for guides, hunters, or outdoor professionals.
  • Durability -Rugged construction withstands outdoor elements and protects your valuable equipment.
  • Modular capabilities -Some harnesses allow you to attach additional pouches or gear modules for further customization.

A bino harness with pistol holster offers a convenient, comfortable, and safe way to carry essential equipment for outdoor activities, especially those where quick access and situational awareness are paramount.

Different Types Of Bino Harnesses With Pistol Holsters

Diffrent types of bino harness with pistol holster
Diffrent types of bino harness with pistol holster

The world of bino harnesses with pistol holsters offers a surprising variety, catering to different needs, budgets, and preferences. Here's a breakdown of some of the most common types:

By Design

  • Chest-mounted -Holster positioned near the dominant side shoulder, offering quick draw access and minimal arm movement interference. Popular for hunting and tactical applications.
  • Hip-mounted -Holster sits on the hip (dominant or opposite side), familiar for many but can cause binocular bounce while moving. Often preferred for hiking and casual use.
  • Modular -Versatile system with a base harness and attachable holster/pouches, allowing for customization and adjustment. Ideal for those who value adaptability.

By Materials

  • Leather -Classic and durable, often with excellent comfort and a natural look. May require more care and be susceptible to water damage.
  • Synthetic -Nylon, neoprene, and other technical fabrics offer affordability, lightweight construction, and weather resistance. Usually easier to clean and maintain.
  • Hybrid -Combinations of leather and synthetic materials are common, offering the best of both worlds in terms of durability, comfort, and weatherproofing.

Additional Features

  • Swivelling binocular case -Allows for easy viewing from different angles without adjusting the harness.
  • Rangefinder pouch/attachment points -Dedicated space for a rangefinder for quick access.
  • Magazine pouches -Integrated or modular options for carrying additional ammunition.
  • Hydration bladder compatibility -Some harnesses accommodate a hydration bladder for convenient water access.
  • Reflective accents:Enhanced visibility for low-light conditions.

1. Eberlestock Recon

Eberlestock recon
Eberlestock recon

Score Card

ProtectionVery Good
Versatilityvery Good
Durabilityvery Good

Key Features

  • Effortless Access -Magnetic forward pull bino pouch for instant optics action.
  • Storage Savvy -Large front zipper pocket for essentials and a map for good measure.
  • Sidekick Snacks -Stretch side pockets for easy access to fuel and supplies.
  • Modular Mastermind -MOLLE-compatible wings for attaching extra pouches and customizing your carry.
  • Perfect Fit & Flair -Choose from medium or large sizes and rock your wilderness style in six color


  • Gear Guru - Infinite customization potential with an ultra-modular design.
  • Never Lose Your Lens - Secure your binoculars tight with built-in elastic tethers.
  • Dial in the Fit -Perfect comfort awaits with precise adjustability and plush shoulder straps.
  • Haul with Joy -Say goodbye to shoulder strain with supportive padding.
  • MOLLE & Velcro Magic -Attach everything from pouches to axes with ease using the versatile rear panel.


  • Eye candy, but needs an armor upgrad -This bino harness might turn heads, but your rangefinder could use some extra muscle against bumps and scrapes.
  • Lid limbo -Saying goodbye to fumbling fingers is ideal, but a missing bottom magnet means the lid needs a helping hand to stay put.

2. Badlands Bino Mag 2

Badlands bino mag 2
Badlands bino mag 2

Score Card

AccessibilityVery Good
PriceVery Good
MaterialVery Good
AdjustabilityVery Good

Key Features

  • Peek-a-boo Binoculars -No more lid fumbling - a handy magnetic closure keeps your optics at the ready.
  • Secret Stash -Secure essentials in the rear magnetic-closure pocket for discreet, grab-and-go access.
  • Fast & Furious - Ditch the fumbling - quick-release carabiner rings let you detach and swap pouches in a flash.
  • Aim High -Hang your bow with confidence on the built-in bow hook, ready for that perfect shot.
  • Tailored to You -Find the perfect fit with three sizes and four color options to match your wilderness style.
  • Modular Mastermind -Customize your carry with bottom accessory attachment points, making this harness your adventure chameleon.


  • Fort Knox for Your Optics -The tough lid provides top-notch protection for your precious binoculars.
  • Magnetic Marvel -Ditch the zippers and snaps – the quick and reliable magnetic closure lets you access your gear in a flash.
  • Arrow Ace -No more fumbling for your bow – the sturdy hook keeps it within arm's reach for that perfect shot.
  • Modern Makeover -This harness breathes new life into a trusted design, blending classic utility with cutting-edge features.
  • Stay Cool Under Pressure -Breathable suspension straps keep you comfortable even on the hottest hikes.


  • Magnetic Muffle Mission - While convenient, the magnetic closure can get noisy in the quiet wilderness. Consider soundproofing if stealth is your game.
  • Bear Spray Blues -Don't rely on the bottom attachment for your bear spray – it might not be secure enough for those hairy encounters. Choose a dedicated holster for peace of mind.
  • Bounce Factor -This pack might not be the best choice for long treks with heavy loads, some users report a bouncier feel compared to other options. Prioritize comfort if extensive hiking is on your agenda.

3. Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

Sitka mountain optics harness
Sitka mountain optics harness

Score Card

Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

ProtectionVery Good
AdjustabilityVery Good
ModularityVery Good
DurabilityVery Good

Key Features

  • Modular Mastermind -Keep your gear organized and accessible with three customizable pouches.
  • Hush-Hush Optics - Access your binoculars in near silence thanks to the quiet magnetic front flap on the bino pouch.
  • Sidekick Snacks -Stash essentials and grab them on the go with handy elastic side pockets.
  • Stealthy Stumble - Stay undetected with the whisper-quiet brushed polyester face fabric, ideal for discreet wildlife encounters.
  • One Size Fits (Most) Adventures -Find the perfect fit with a single size available in four colorways, including Sitka's signature camo patterns for ultimate wilderness blendi


  • Magnetic Maneuverability -Choose your level of access with a two-position magnetic flap – keep your binocs secured or instantly whip them out.
  • Detach and Dash -Ditch the bulk, quick-detach bino attachments let you adjust your carry on the fly.
  • Featherweight Flyer -This harness won't weigh you down, making it ideal for long treks and light-and-fast adventures.
  • Reach for the Stars -No more fumbling – you'll have effortless access to both your optics and essential accessories.
  • Hush-Hush Helpers -The quiet and efficient elastic keepers on the accessory pouches let you grab what you need without a sound.


  • Uneasy Strap -Comfort is key, so consider swapping out the straps for ones that fit your frame and minimize tangles.
  • Modular Mismatch?Look for a harness with a flexible add-on system if you have specific accessory needs beyond the built-in pouches.
  • Binocular Bonanza -Ensure your favorite optics fit snugly by checking compatibility before committing. Opt for a larger size harness if needed.
  • FHF Gear X2 Hunter Bino Harness -Chest-mounted, modular, synthetic with leather accents, includes holster and rangefinder pouch. Ideal for serious hunters.
  • KUIU Pro Bino Bivy -Synthetic, hip-mounted, swivel case, lightweight and breathable, good for hiking and birdwatching.
  • Stone Glacier Skyline Bino Harness -Leather and synthetic, chest-mounted, modular, features magazine pouches and hydration compatibility, perfect for long expeditions.

Ultimately, the best bino harness with pistol holster for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your activity, desired level of customization, budget, and material preference when making your choice.

How To Choose The Right Bino Harness With Pistol Holster

Finding the perfect bino harness-pistol holster combo can be like discovering your hunting or outdoor spirit animal. To avoid a mismatch, here's some expert advice:

1. Size it Up -

  • Measure your chest and torso circumference -Most harnesses offer size charts based on these measurements. A snug but not suffocating fit is crucial for comfort and stability.
  • Consider layering -If you typically wear bulky clothes, choose a slightly larger size to accommodate them.
  • Test with binoculars -Before purchasing, load the harness with your binoculars and feel how the weight distributes. It should be balanced and comfortable, not pulling on your neck or shoulders.

2. Material Matters

  • Durability -Leather is classic and long-lasting but requires more care (waterproofing, maintenance). Synthetic fabrics are lightweight, weatherproof, and easier to clean but may not offer the same aesthetic appeal. Hybrid options provide a balance of both.
  • Comfort -Consider the padding materials. Breathable mesh or neoprene linings make long treks more pleasant. Avoid excessive bulk that can chafe or restrict movement.
  • Climate -For sweaty situations, prioritize breathable fabrics, while cold weather might necessitate thicker insulation.

3. Pistol Perfect

  • Holster compatibility -Ensure the holster matches your pistol size and type. Some are universal, while others are specific models.
  • Draw preference -Choose a holster design that allows for a smooth and fast draw, whether it's a thumb break, friction, or Kydex shell, based on your comfort and training.
  • Holster position -Decide if you prefer chest-mounted (quick draw, minimal arm interference), hip-mounted (familiar, less bounce when still), or modular (adaptable, might cause more adjustment).

4. Weight Wise

  • Binocular weight -Choose a harness that can comfortably support your binocular weight. Heavier binoculars require wider straps and more padding.
  • Total load -Consider the combined weight of binoculars, pistol, magazines, and other gear. A robust harness with good weight distribution minimizes fatigue and strain.
  • Adjustment options -Look for harnesses with adjustable straps and buckles to fine-tune the weight distribution for optimal comfort and stability.

Bonus Tips

  • Modular vs. integrated -If you like customization, choose a modular system with attachable pouches and holsters. Integrated options offer simplicity and often lower cost.
  • Additional features -Consider pockets, rangefinder pouches, hydration compatibility, or reflective accents based on your specific needs and activities.
  • Comfort is king -Don't underestimate the importance of trying on and feeling the harness before buying. You'll be spending a lot of time with it, so make sure it's comfortable and suits your style.

Safety Tips

  • Always treat your firearm as loaded, even when it's in the holster.
  • Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.
  • Practice safe gun handling and draw techniques with your chosen holster.
  • Ensure the holster securely holds your pistol and prevents accidental discharge.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when accessing your pistol, especially while moving through brush or uneven terrain.
  • Never aim or point your pistol at something you're not willing to destroy or shoot.
  • Follow the Four Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety: Treat every firearm as loaded, Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot, Point the gun in a safe direction at all times, and Be sure of your target and what's beyond it.
  • Consider taking additional gun safety training specific to carrying holstered firearms.

Where To Buy And What To Expect In Terms Of Pricing

Bino harness with pistol holster
Bino harness with pistol holster

You have several options when it comes to purchasing a bino harness with pistol holster:

Online Stores

  • Specialty Hunting/Outdoor Gear Retailers -Platforms like Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, REI, and Backcountry offer a wide variety of brands and models, often with competitive pricing and promotions.
  • Manufacturer Websites -Many brands, like Stone Glacier, Kuiu, KUIU, and FHF Gear, have online stores where you can purchase their products directly.
  • Amazon -While selection might be limited, you can find popular models at potentially lower prices and benefit from fast delivery options.

Outdoor Equipment Shops

  • Local Hunting and Fishing Stores -These stores offer expert advice and hands-on experience with different harnesses, allowing you to try them on before buying.
  • Sporting Goods Stores -Major chains like Dick's Sporting Goods or Sportsman's Warehouse may carry a selection of basic models.


Expect the price to vary depending on factors like:

  • Brand -Premium brands like Stone Glacier or KUIU command higher prices than budget-friendly options.
  • Materials -Leather harnesses are generally more expensive than synthetic options.
  • Features -More advanced features like modular systems, hydration compatibility, or rangefinder pouches increase the cost.
  • Holster quality -Dedicated holsters made from Kydex or other sturdy materials will cost more than basic pouches.

General Price Range

  • Budget -$50-$100 (Basic synthetic harness with attached holster)
  • Mid-range -$100-$250 (Durable synthetic or hybrid harness with good features)
  • Premium -$250-$500+ (High-quality leather or modular harness with advanced features)

Tips For Finding The Best Deal

  • Shop around -Compare prices across different retailers and online platforms.
  • Look for sales and promotions -Many stores offer seasonal discounts or clearance sales.
  • Consider buying used -Some online marketplaces and forums offer used harnesses at significantly lower prices.
  • Prioritize quality -Don't skimp on safety and comfort. Choose a well-made harness that will last.

Responsible gun ownership and proper training are essential when carrying a firearm. This includes understanding local regulations and practicing safe handling procedures.

Safety and legal compliance are paramount when carrying a firearm. By following these tips and adhering to relevant regulations, you can ensure a responsible and enjoyable experience with your bino harness and pistol holster.

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